In the earlier days, in order to market a product, all that is needed is some catchy colors and phrases but it is not the case today. In the recent times, the standard of marketing has increased a lot and convincing the audience is not an easy job. The marketing person has to work really hard. In the recent times, getting the attention of the people is like fighting in a battlefield to win as there is a very high competition in the market. There is no room for error as a minute mistake will divert the customer towards the

Even though the marketing techniques are noted properly in the initial stages, it
is necessary to keep on trying new ideas as it will attract the customer soon. Never remain silent. Even a ridiculous idea has the ability to attract the people towards the art. In short, modern marketing is like a maze and it will not be possible to find the exact way out easily. Especially, when it comes to the modern marketing for classical art forms, it will be very challenging. Be creative and try out unique things that will attract the attention just in one go. This is not an easy task but not an impossible task too.

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